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We are a custom home building company located in Waynesville, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. We are dedicated to time-honored and proven principles of success and apply them to our # 1 goal of total client satisfaction. We endeavor to provide for all our clients a professional relationship based upon complete honesty and transparency, fairness and reasonableness in all matters, with mutual trust and respect at all times and a consistently high level of reliable performance.

We strongly believe that the foundation for any successful building project begins and ends with the quality of the relationships developed while working toward the common goal of delivering a beautiful new home on time and within budget. Often this process will involve your Architect and possibly an Interior Designer. Most importantly however, we see the direct association between Builder and Client as a “marriage” of sorts, not only during the pre-construction due-diligence phase but especially during the actual construction phase of the project.

Therefore, it is our preference to begin every project with thoughtful discussions and assessments of common goals to create a professional working relationship with good communication and compatible decision making styles and preferences. We consider these initial meetings as being friendly and low-key “get to know each other” sessions as much as they will be general discussions of design, investment parameters, timeline, scope of work and finish specifications.

We understand that you, our clients, have lives, families and careers you need to attend to on a daily basis. Therefore, when it’s time to build, we believe that you will greatly benefit from the selection of a friendly and professional service-oriented builder that is fully committed to your peace of mind by making the custom home building experience as straightforward and worry free as possible. Indeed, our goal is to make the process not only interesting and informative, but also truly enjoyable and to leave you with many fond memories of the exciting adventure we will have undertaken together.

We offer you our sincere commitment to deliver a unique home, home addition or remodeling project of impeccable quality that reflects your dreams and vision in every way!

We invite you to contact us today to begin the experience of building the Carolina Heritage Builder’s way…

Understanding your vision…building your dreams

Bill Miller, Owner & Builder
Email: billm@carolinaheritagebuilders.com
Mobile: (828) 734-8905
NC Unlimited License #72574

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